Info on Google Android TV

Till now Google has launched different versions of Android mobile operating systems and have achieved considerable amount of success from these launches. Though the company has also launched Google TV, but this company does not taste success with this venture yet.Now the company is planning to come up with Android TV and there are chances, that it may be launched very soon. Here is the complete and detailed description about this latest venture from Google and what all can be expected from it.

What Exactly Is Google Android TV?

Expected Release Date

Apart from everything that has been discussed above there is one more amazing thing that is expected to happen and this is about android keeping track of your watching and surfing habits and presenting you with appropriate videos. Moreover, it will make your television into a perfect gaming as well as a TV device.

In order to download games for Android TV all you need to do is to connect your TV with Google Play and download your favorite games. One of the amazing things that will happen is that you will be able to play multiplayer games also which is really going to make this full of fun and enjoyment.

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