Complete Android versions list and history

Android is an OS (operating system) used by various mobile phones in the world. It is basically a Linux Kernel based OS (Operating System) with a user interface made for the touch screen mobile phones and tablets. It is like a PC (Personnel Computer). It can do all the tasks that a PC is able to do like listening to songs, playing games, watching videos, making project, web surfing, mails etc. You will read more about the complete Android versions list below.

History of Android

In October 2003, Android Incorporation was founded. It was first founded in California at the city, Palo Alto by Nick Sears, Andy Rubin, Chris White and Rich Miner. Earlier, the motive of these people was to make an OS (Operating System) for the digital cameras, but they moved to make an OS for mobile phones because they realized that there was not much scope in market for these devices.

In August 17, 2005 Google acquired Android Inc. This move by Google clearly assured that they are making plans to enter the world of mobile phones. Thus, they got successful in making a mobile OS, which has the flexibility to upgrade and have great features. Android was unveiled on November 5, 2007. HTC Dream was the first phone based on the Android OS.

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Google started manufacturing Nexus series of smart phones in 2010. The nexus devices are purely based on vanilla or stock Android. Google had collaborated with various mobile phones manufacturing companies like HTC, Samsung, LG, and Asus for the nexus series. Nexus has been the Flagship phones and tablets series for Google. Since 2008, android has got various software updates so as to improve and get better and better. The list of the various versions and updates of Android below.

Complete Android versions list

Android 1.0
Android 1.1
Android 1.5 Cup Cake
Android 1.6 Donut
Android 2.0 Éclair
Android 2.0.1
Android 2.1
Android 2.2.3 Froyo
Android 2.3 Ginger Bread 
Android 2.3.1 to Android 2.3.7
Android 3.0 Honey Comb
Android 3.1 to Android 3.2.6
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Android 4.0.1 to Android 4.0.4
Android 4.1 Jellybean
Android 4.1.1 to Android 4.3.1
Android 4.4 Kit Kat
Android 4.4.1 to Android 4.4.4
Android 4.5 Or Android 5.0 L?

Features of Android              

It has a fluidic interface. It has various features like we can take screen shot and even do multi tasking. We can handle the device with the touch of the finger. It works very fast without any lag or malfunction. It is highly customizable. We can add widgets and give the home screen a new look according to our need. It manages the memory of the phone brilliantly and has various applications which help us in the daily work.Thus, Android is the whole new platform of mobile phones through which we can do the impossible things.

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